Book Review: Left Neglected

…by Lisa Genova.

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Sarah Nickerson is a high-flying Type A personality living in a wealthy suburb in Boston with her husband Bob and three children Charlie, Lucy and Linus. Sarah juggles motherhood, family and working full-time which basically means she is on the go at all times. Her job is demanding but Sarah is great at multi-tasking and takes work home. In short, she is super-woman. However, one morning, everything changes. On her way work, she meets with an accident while trying to make a phone call. And her life is no longer the same. The accident results in a traumatic brain injury for Sarah and she is unable to perceive anything that is on the left of her. This includes lack of awareness of her left arm, leg, face or any person or thing to the left of her. As Sarah struggles with the recovery and the advent of her estranged mother, she realises that things may never been the same again.

Will Sarah ever get back to 100%? 

Will she have her old life back?

How will her family cope?

The story in many ways is typical of our times. We try to fill each and every minute of our days doing something. And any moment we are not doing anything, we perceive it as being wasted. In a way, it takes a brain injury for some people to realise that there is more to life than being busy. While some people might find the book a bit cliche, I still found it interesting and entertaining enough to finish it within a few days. The plot was good and the characters were strong. In many ways, I think I was able to identify with Sarah given my own busy life {despite not having kids/family} and it made me mindful of needing to sometimes slow down and smell the roses.

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