1. I never watched He-man but I loved the other cartoons too.. Now the cartoons which are aired are not at all good. I switched on the cartoon channel one day and saw a cartoon about hundreds of cockroaches. I loved flinstones too and aladdin and X-men cartoons :) :) felt good reading this post :) :)

    • Cartoons certainly have changed these days huh? I liked Spongebob, X-Men and a few others as a teenager but had to admit the ones we watched as kids, especially the Hanna-Barbara ones were brilliant! :)

  2. The Looney Tunes are on Go! on Saturday and Sunday mornings but they aren’t like I remember them. They almost seem like a sitcom now instead of the random tidbits that it used to be. I loved Rugrats when I was a kid (hell I still love them now!) too.

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    • Yeah I think they now have longer versions of the Looney Tunes…almost like a movie or something. I occasionally catch them if I’m home on the weekend…but that’s quite rare.

  3. Tom and Jerry is my one and only fav cartoon. I don’t want cartoons much.. but T n J is always amazing!

    I don’t even know the other ones! Ya, jungle book, I know, but I hardly remember! 😛
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  4. I never watched much TV growing up, but my parents let us kids watch one Disney movie from our (big!) video cassette collection every Sunday. That was always eagerly anticipated!

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